About us

Who we are

Vega Bulk is a Norwegian/UAE dry bulk operator and commercial manager incorporated in 2019. The company has a dedicated team of experienced and seasoned key employees with strong relationships with cargo owners, commodity traders and international industrial companies moving cargo. We utilize our experience and market presence to optimize profit for our investors and as an operator.

Our history

Vega Bulk Carriers was established in 2019 as a Norwegian dry bulk operator and commercial manager. The company is registered in Oslo with a subsidiary in Dubai, and is part of the Vega Maritime Group. We started helping ship owners to manage their ships commercially and trade them in suitable trade. We have helped ship owners both technical and financially to ensure sustainable trading. Later we started taking own positions and traded a small fleet of chartered in bulkers.

We later saw that Vega Bulk could manage to purchase and trade a fleet for our investors.

At Vega Bulk, our mission is to be a leading operator and commercial manager in the dry bulk industry.

We are committed to maximize profits for our stakeholders through strategic use of voyage chartering, FFA, bunkering, and time chartering.

We can co-invest in ships and have a strong focus on delivering dividends to our investors.

We take pride in our rigorous follow-up of the technical and commercial operations of the vessels, ensuring that they operate efficiently and safely. With a global presence through our registered headquarters in Oslo and subsidiary in Dubai, we aim to provide reliable and efficient shipping services to customers worldwide.

Our goal is to be a trusted partner in the dry bulk industry, delivering value to our stakeholders and contributing to sustainable global trade.